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Top Flight She’s No Angel




Angel is the daughter of AFC Emberain Rugby OS FDHF and Lakwoia’s Mango Tango Fandango JH WC.

Angel has been an outstanding addition in our home. She’s an intelligent willing worker with burning desire to please. She has great marking skills, high desire for birds, good speed on land and power in the water.  She has been used predominantly as a pheasant dog where her strong nose and tracking skills are put to test.  She hunts in close to the hunters affording easy shooting.  

At home she is a full time house pet with impeccable manners and the sound trustworthy temperament the Golden Retriever is known for. She is 22” at the withers, 58 pounds with a firm dense wavy coat suitable for field work.  This girl loves cold water, ice and snow.  


After serving as a test dog on judging assignments, Angel will begin her Hunt Test career this summer.



Angel February 2011 age 2





February 2011





Top Flight She’s No Angel

Age 1



Angel on You Tube



For a short video clip of Angel starting her field work in April of “09”

Click on the link below.


Angle clip

On You Tube





Therapy Marks

Spring 2010


When a young dog is experiencing a lot of training pressure in the yard you need to give them something they can easily be successful with to build confidence and restore their attitude to training.  Therapy marks do just that. They’re short easy marks, run without pressure, that the dog can easily complete.   




Introducing crippled birds.

Intro to Cripples


Every bird shot for a dog won’t always be dead when they get to it. Sometimes they’re very lively and put some moves on to hide in cover. This is Angels’ first experience with a bird that can run around and fight back.   





Running a double.

Running a Double


Training is progressing and Angel is doing multiple marks in the field.  Note how she locates the gun stations and is scanning the area on the return, aware that there may be other birds appearing in this set up.  (There are several distracting influences outside the picture frame. Other dogs, people and a pile of birds.)   









The Beginning




What’s this white stuff?

February “2009”
























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