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Maxhaven’s Dreamboat Annie  “Annie” at one year


Annie is a pup from our 2014 litter with Top Flight She’s No Angel (Angel) and Greenmeadows Ahoy Captain  (Finley).   Annie is an outgoing energetic pup with great curiosity and passion for feathered things.   Annie’s obedience skills are fairly well polished now.  At this point she is steady to shot and delivering reliably to hand. Annie has passed her first CERF exam and is Ichthyosis Clear.


Water work is underway!

 Annie on the return.






Video Clip of Annie’s first live bird.



Waiting! Teeth chattering with excitement!


What the hell is THIS! It’s not a Duck, Pheasant or Pigeon!


Oh well, It has FEATHERS!


Get it in gear and get moving!




I’m Back!








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