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We are committed to producing the finest Hunting Retrievers.

Our breeding philosophy is to produce dogs that are superior workers, stylish in the field and loving, family friendly pets at home. They are proven working retrievers for Waterfowl, Grouse, and Ringneck Pheasants. Our girls hunt hard all day and are always disappointed when it's time to head for home.

Our dogs possess a firm, dense coat suitable for work in water or the uplands. They possess a sound well muscled structure, keen nose, suitable attitude, determination and drive to make excellent hunting and field companions.

We strive to produce Field Style dogs similar in appearance, ability and temperament of the Goldens Retrievers of old. Attractive, well rounded Retrievers with their full working ability intact.






Featured Pup of the Month


Luna and Brie had a great weekend!

Luna is from our 2015 litter with Angel and Finley!

Brie is from our 2005 litter with Maxi and Cappy!

































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