Maxhaven's Frisbie Minuette JH (Mindy)

D.O.B. 1-8-96   Retired 11-2000


Mindy is grand old lady of the kennel. She is picture above in 1999 at three years of age. About the time this photo was taken, Mindy contracted the tick borne disease Ehrlichia. The disease was killed, but not before it did significant damage to Mindy. Between the disease and the treatment to cure the disease, Mindy seemed to age about 4 years over a thirty day period. Her Physical proportions changed to that of an old dog, her coat color and texture changed from the youthful appearance seen in the photo, to a grey face and grey throughout her coat. She looked and acted like a 7 year old dog instead of a 3 year old. As a pet around the house she showed no significant damage, but in the field her stamina was gone. She could run no more than 100 yards before needing rest and a chance to recover.  The Vet recommended that she be put her into semi-retirement mode where she only saw limited action from time to time. It was very disheartening to watch a dog that had all the other physical tools in perfect condition, sitting on the couch when she wanted to be out with the other dogs. Mindy’s ego and pride were hurt each day when the training truck rolled out of the driveway and she wasn’t on it.

In the fall of 2001 her attitude about life was at a low point. When I grabbed my hunting vest, the other dogs bounced up and headed for the door, Mindy got up, dropped her tail, lowered her head and slowly walked to her crate, a very unhappy dog.  I had kept her home to protect her so she could lead a long life, but in the process I had destroyed her self respect. I then made a decision that could be dangerous but I was not going leave her home anymore. She may fall over dead in the field but if she did, she would at least have her self confidence and pride intact.  She would go doing the things she loved the most in life, chasing the Ringneck Pheasant.  I loaded up the other dogs in the truck, and went back in the house for Mindy. When I got inside the door I called her and just got a low groan from the direction of her crate.  I walked over to her crate and called again and just got a deep sigh. She was convinced she was just going to be left home anyway. I grabbed the back of the crate and tipped up to roll Mindy out and then I put the door back on and closed it, there would be no going back in to hide in shame. She bounced to the door that leads out to the dog yard and sat waiting to be let out. No, “HERE” “HEEL”. She just sat there with a perplexed look on her face and then things started to sink in. The tip of her tail started tapping on the floor, then it started wagging. One more “Heel” and she was up and past me and out the door to the driveway. When I got outside, she was in her old box in the truck, with a wagging happy tail. She hadn’t been in that box for two and a half years, so if you’re wondering if dogs have a long memory you’ve got your answer. Her first few trips back to the field were of short duration but because she was the first dog out to work she was happy. The first few times out she had a hard time balancing her desire to go with her body’s ability to deliver the energy needed. Once she got the hang of that she started to make progress.

In 2002, her endurance had improved to the point where she could hunt about a half a mile of cover before needing a rest and a cool drink of water. She didn’t have the speed she once had, but she was much more accurate in trailing scent and marking a fall. She was no longer interested in screwing around and wasting effort and energy.  She would return to training during the summer months as a pick up dog when a youngster couldn’t complete a retrieve. Mindy of course made sure to parade in front of the younger pupil and make sure their disgrace was complete.       

Now in the Fall of 2003, she is making significant progress at getting her endurance back. She has made several trips to the Game Farms this fall and has been able to make the normal work rotations with the other dogs. Her attitude about life is good and her self respect is restored.

The years are however starting to take their toll as the eye’s start to dim with age, and the symptoms of being a Senior Citizen are starting to manifest themselves.      


 Sire is Frisbies Joshua (AFC Topbrass Super Trooper x Tawney's Cottonbud)

 Dam is Dottie Frisbie Mullen (Mioak's Cajahoe Amphibian (Beaver)*** x Dawn Marie Frisbie Mullen)

 Josh, Beaver and Trooper were all campaigned in licensed Field Trials. Josh Earned a State Derby Crown. Beaver, Finished a Open Qualified All Age dog, and Trooper the Amateur Field Champion. All three dogs were hunted extensively for upland birds. The Mullens unfortunately do not actively hunt or compete with their dogs, so Dottie and Dawn never had the opportunity to showcase their talents. Dottie's litter mate Kodiak Attacks, Earned his Master Hunter title in 1998.





 Mindy in her younger days, watching a Golden Sunset after a good day afield.




Mindy’s Final Flyer

April 19, 2006

I’ve Got It!


Looking to the next Station


Come Around


“Ahh Feathers!!”

Savoring the Moment


Maxhaven’s Frisbie Minuette JH

January 8, 1996  -  April 20, 2006







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