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February 2007



Vixen has completed her basic Obedience and Gundog training.  She has been a late bloomer and has now begun dabbling with learning more of the advanced field training skills and blind retrieves.  She is transitioning to multiple marks and cold blinds in the field.  


Vixen is now 22” at the withers and 53 pounds.  She possesses a firm dense field style coat with furnishings suitable for field work.  She is powerful in the water and has a great desire for birds.  She has a wonderful loving temperament and is eager to please. 

Vixen possesses health clearances for Hips (GR-94327E27F-PI), Elbows (GR-EL 16994F27-PI), Eyes (GR40003) and Heart (GR-CA 14032/27F/P-VPI).   


Pile Work

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